Minon - Amino Moist Clear Wash Powder 35G

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It is a special face care for facial cleansing that can be used even with sensitive skin. Remove the cause of Gasagasa / Goat (unnecessary stratum corneum). The cosmetic to be used next is adjusted to the familiar skin, and it is the skin of a smooth touch. No fragrance, no coloring, weak acidity, alcohol (ethyl alcohol) not added. Paraben free, ultraviolet absorber free. How to use: Wet skin and take a proper amount (about 1 cup of teaspoon) in clean palm. Whisk while adding water little by little to the powder, it is ok if it creamy foam. Wash the whole skin to expand the foam. Then rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. It can be used for the body. Recommended for decollete, back, elbow, knee, instep arm. It can be used every day, but it is a guide of 1 to 2 times a week.

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