Japan Gals - H+Nano C Mask 30 Pcs

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Best way to moisturize dry skin. 100 % natural cotton filled with pure and high quality water from a beautiful island in Japan carries nano collagen which helps to achieve firm and healthy skin. It is a makeup mask blended with nano collagen that gives the skin firmness to the high quality natural hydrogen water containing dissolved hydrogen in Setouchi Oshimajima. Keep moisture tightly closed with mask time of about 5 to 10 minutes a day, penetrating to the corners of your skin. It leads to beautiful skin with moisture. Mask material is 100 % natural cotton friendly to your skin. When folded back, it becomes double, intensive care under the eyes is possible. Moreover, if you keep it closed, you can treat the entire eye intensively. Wide shape that can firmly cover under the nose. The mouth also gets a fit. Adjustable perforation cover firmly covers the nose. Large shape enveloping the entire face. Flavor-free, color-free, mineral oil. How to use: After cleansing, paste the mask perfectly for your skin. Relax time as it is about 5 minutes. When you want to handle the entire eye zone intensively, close the eyes of the mask and use it. When you want to intensively treat the lower part of the eyes, use the mask part folded back.

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