Sunsorit - Skin Peel Bar Aha - 2 Types

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A skin care soap with a peeling effect, created by Sunsorit and Dermatologist. Since it contains glycolic acid that is less irritating to Oriental skin, it is less irritating and skin-friendly. AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) combination that takes out old horny skin and leads to well-dressed skin. Fine bubbles wash away dirt and oil from the skin and pores, leading to a clean skin with daily cleansing. Skin Peel Bar AHA Mild AHA Mild is a mild type containing 0.6 % AHA (fruit acid). It is recommended for dry skin to normal skin who is peeling beginners. Skin Peel Bar AHA AHA is a type that contains 1.0 % of AHA (fruit acid). It is recommended for normal skin to oily skin who has used to peeling. How to use: Lather and gently wash the entire face with foam. In order to enhance the peeling effect, leave for 2-3 minutes with the foam on. After that, rinse thoroughly to leave the cleansing ingredients. You can also use it as a body soap. Pack Size - 135g

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