Naturelab - Acnes Labo Spots Cream 7G

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A partial cream that takes care of all kinds of acne. Apply it to areas of concern and apply the attached intensive care sheet over the cream to effectively approach while sleeping. Efficacy / Effects: Prevent acne, prevent rough skin, cleanse skin. Contains plant-derived ingredients (natural vitamin E, yokuninin extract, saxifrage extract) that are gentle on the skin. No synthetic fragrances, colorings, silicones or parabens. How to use: Use as cream: After washing your face, use it at the end of regular night care such as lotions and serums. Apply an appropriate amount to your fingertips, place it on the area you care about, wrap acne, and apply it tightly. Avoid using it over the entire face. Depending on the condition of the skin, in rare cases it may cause drying. Use as intensive care sheet: Apply the intensive care sheet after applying the cream. Go to bed and peel off in the morning. Immediately after pasting, the intensive care sheet is easy to peel off, but will be fixed over time.

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