Sunstar - Gum Mouthwash Night Care 450Ml - 3 Types

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Fresh Herbal: The medicinal mouth wash that prevents bad breath, nebutsi in the next morning. Refreshing fresh herb type. Night Herb: Rinse after toothpaste before good night, it is a mouthwash that firmly prevents discomfort of mouth in the morning such as bad breath. Medicated ingredients CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride) coats teeth and teeth for a quite a while, making it difficult to get off the causative bacteria until morning to prevent bad breath. In addition, medicinal ingredient TXA (tranexamic acid) prevents bleeding from teeth that tends to become a nutrient source of causative bacteria. Night herb flavor & low irritation non alcohol type, which is hard to disturb sleep even if you use it before night. How to use: After brushing, include an appropriate amount of about 10ml (minutes pressed 3-4 times) in your mouth. Rinse thoroughly for about 20 seconds and then spit. After use, water is not necessary immediately. You can use it anytime, we recommend using before night.

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