Kracie - Hadabisei Wrinkle Care Mist Serum 80Ml

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Mist beauty essence that can make dry fine wrinkle care. Whenever you are concerned, hydrated. It leads to inconspicuous plump and firm skin of dry fine lines. Efficacy Assessment Tested Prescription Performed in External Specialized Institution. Osmotic gold retinol Ex (permeation promoting component CHD + retinol derivative + royal jelly + scutellaria root extract). Moist barrier harness prescription adopted that does not mind environmental floating matter. Familiar to the skin, easy to penetrate capsule-like structure permeation sustained capsule moisture blended. How to use: Push the pump several times until the inside comes out at the beginning of use. Separate from your face about 20cm, close your eyes and spray directly on your skin. You can use it for your hands. You can use it morning and night. You can also use it during the day as well as during the day when you feel dry.

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