Rooro - Foot File 1 Pc

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A file made by a polisher that can be used in the bath. The more interesting it is, the more horny you can get. It is a thin type that can cut details, in addition the handle angle in pursuit of ease of cutting improves the effect of the file. Gently rub off the horny skin of your hardened feet for a smoother look. It is gentle on sensitive skin with two types of files. 220 on the soft side and # 100 on the hard side. (Soft side) A wide range of finely curved files on the inside can be used for soft skin and for finishing care. (Hard surface) Can be sharpened with a curved curve. It is also effective for hardened skin because it is easy to apply power. How to use: Soften the skin with hot water when taking a bath. Rub the heels, soles and sides of the keratin that has become hard and old. The octopus that has turned thick yellow. Depending on the hardness, adjust the strength of the force. Use the coarse and fine file properly. After cleaning, moisturize the skin with cream etc.

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