No3 - Style_Me Super Hard Gel 7 150G

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STYLE_me Super Hard Gel 7, by no3. Super Hard Gel keeps your hair style with its glossy surface and strong hair syling power all day long. The scent of Fresh and Natural Floral Fruity Green. Top note of leaf green, apple, gardenia. Middle note of freesia, rose, jasmine. Last note of woody, amber, musk. Vegan Hair Care Products, STYLE_me is designed by Japanese Hair Beauty Maker, no3. Every STYLE_me product is designed for its comfortable surface, while doing their best to protect the environment and animals. STYLE_me obtained vegan and PETA Certification. 8 promises from STYLE_me. Animal-derived ingredients Free. STYLE_me would like to consider the environment. Cruelty Free. In terms of animal welfare, STYLE_me never conducts animal testing which causes pain to animals. GMO Free. STYLE_me never uses genetically modified ingredients that may affect the body or the environment . Formulated with natural ingredients. STYLE_me uses as many natural plant-derived ingredients as possible. Parapen Free. Parapens are not used as preservatives. Nanomaterial Free. Inorganic fine particle raw materials of 100 nanometers or less are not contained. Gluten Free. STYLE_me does not contain gluten at risk of developing allergies. Synthetic coloring agent Free. STYLE_me products are never colored with artificial coloring agent.

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