The Saem - Active Source Vita Ampoule 30Pcs 2Ml X 30Pcs

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This product consists of: - Active Source Vita Ampoule 2ml x 30pcs - Safe Cap 5pcs - Ampoule Stand 1pc - Opener 1pc Active Source Vita Ampoule: - Whitening ampoule enriched with 13 kinds of Vitamin Complex, Glutathione and Niacinamide effectively improves dull skin and blemishes, restoring bright, clear skin with radiance - Inositol helps supply rich moisture deep into skin while boosting skin vitality for healthy, youthful skin - Micro-Micelle Delivery System effectively strengthens rapid transfer of active source deep into the skin as well as the effect of the following skin care routine How to use: 1. Lightly tap the upper part of the ampoule container to gather all the content inside. 2. Stick in the ampoule to the ampoule stand. 3. Cover the ampoule with the opener and press down until reaching the ampoule stand. 4. Throw away the head part separated from the ampoule. 5. Put the safe cap onto the ampoule properly. 6. At the first stage of skin care routine, spread a moderate amount evenly over facial area and gently massage along the skin texture for absorption. 7. For the remaining ampoule, leave in on the stand and store it in cool place without direct sunlight exposure. Ampoule should be all used within 24 hours after opening.

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