Shu Uemura - Skin Perfector Makeup Artist Oil 30Ml/1Oz

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It is not only beneficial as a skincare, but it also has ability to enhance makeup finish. Excellent Skincare Effect: A thin intensive oil mask infusing all the moisture and nutrients that creates soft and smooth skin with a natural glow and achieves ideal balance between oil and water. Good Affinity with Makeup: Smoothly merges with foundation so makeup can spread effortlessly on the skin in a thin and even application resulting in a natural makeup finish. Use 2-3 drops in the morning, achieves instantly soft, smooth, transparent skin with a better makeup fit. Use 4-5 drops at night, protects the skin like an intensive oil mask overnight with moisture. Usage Sequence: Lotion > Essence > Eye Care > Emulsion > Cream > Skin Perfector > Primer > Foundation

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