O Hui - The First Geniture Special Set 8 Pcs

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This set comes with: The first Geniture Skin Softener 150ml + 20ml The first Geniture Emulsion 140ml + 20ml The First Geniture Cell Essential Source 22ml The first Geniture Cream Intensive 7ml The first Geniture Ampoule Advanced 5ml The first Geniture Foam Cleanser 50ml Benefits: This set helps improve the general skin condition from deep within. Signature 29 Cell revitalizes weakened skin with 29 kinds of active ingredients. White Peony Extract offers the skin with a burst of energy and helps strengthen the skin barrier. EGF and hGH penetrate deep into skin for a vitalizing effect. Skin Softener: Optimizes skin condition by maintaining balance among skin layers. Moisturizes skin with a rich surface to prepare skin for better absorption of nutrients. Emulsion: Imbues the skin with rich nutrients for a balancing and moisturing effect. How to use: 1. Use in the order of Foam Cleanser, Skin Softener, Cell Essential Source, Ampoule Advanced and Emulsion. 2. Lather up a proper amount of Foam Cleanser and apply on face. Massage for a while before rinsing off with lukewarm water. 3. For other products, apply an appropriate amount onto face with warm palms and pat gently for better absorption.

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