Chinoshio - Fuwako Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pad Day Pad Knit White With Pink Flowers

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Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pad is a reusable cloth pad. In aditiion to using the pad during your menstrual period, you can also use it when you are concerned about the vaginal discharge or small amount of stress incontinence. Skin Friendly No Garbage Try First Using Cotton Cloth Pad is surprisingly comfortable, and that's why number of cotton cloth pad lovers are increasing rapidly. Recommended to try during holidays or upon light days, or to care of vaginal discharge for starter. How to use: Please be sure to wash before use, so that absorption and texture are getting better. Put the Flannel cloth side to your skin, and put the pattern fabric side to your underware. Cotton Cloth Pantyliner series can be used reversibly. Fix it with a snap. Replace appropriately according to discharge volume. You can use the shorts you usually use, but breathable cotton and fitted shorts are especially recommended. Laundry If you put the pad with menstrual discharge in hot water, the blood coagulates, so wash it with lukewarm or cold water. For hand washing, it is better not to rub too hard, as rubbing it really hard damages the fabric. Gently pre-wash with water to removce some dirt. Add about 5g-10g Alkaline Wash (sodium sesquicarbonate) to 1L of water (soap water is acceptable). If you are worried about the smell, take a few drops of essential oil. If the dirt is terrible, please soak the pad longer. is enough to remove the dirt, wash out the pad and dry. If the sains are insufficient, wash with soap. Upon drying, if the weather is nice, dry in sunlight. Cloth Pad that have been washed repeatedly canl absorb more water, and becomes even more comfortable to use. Item recommend to prepare upon using Container with Lid Upon soaking used pads, container with lid protects pads from the eyes of your family. Alkaline Wash (sodium sesquicarbonate) CHINOSHIO's Alkaline Wash is very ideal for blood stains. Also it is effective against sebum and protein stains. In addition to cleaning pads, Alkaline Wash can be used for various purposes such as house cleaning and laundry wash. Essential oil Adding a few drops of oil with sterilizing effect is recommended such as Tea tree, Eucalyptus and Mint etc. Zip-type sealed bag You can take used pads home without worring about the smell when you go out. Spray bottle (portable) Upon going out, spraying water with Alkaline Wash prevents discharges from drying so that you can wash easier when you return. Also recommended to add some essential oil to spraying water.

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