Zino - Instant Wrinkle Remover Serum 10G

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Instant effect: Relieve wrinkles (such as frontal lines, eye lines, striated lines, neck lines). Long-term efficacy: Proliferation collagen, lightening wrinkles. Improve skin elasticity and firmness. Efficient anti-oxidation, anti-aging. Repair damaged cells, all with a clean complexion. ZINO Effectively Degraded Essence with revolutionary Korean patent Botaniceutical Plus-10. With 3 anti-aging anti-wrinkle ingredients - six peptides, skin growth factor (EGF) and adenosine. Instant ironing eliminates profound wrinkles and fine lines. Strongly tightening and smoothing eye bags. The comprehensive age-averse program that combines immediate first-aid, daily maintenance, prevention of wrinkles and bags under the eyes. How to use: Deep cleansing and use moisturizing essence until fully absorbed. According to the following recommended ingredients, apply the appropriate amount of Essence of Anti-Wrinkle Essence to gently apply the wrinkles, eye lines, and bags under the pressure. After the product is completely absorbed, apply a moisturizer.

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