Kanebo - Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes - 2 Types

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Two compact color accent colors in one compact, a shining color that gives large glitter, and a shading color that creates a natural contrast. By overlapping, there is a clear sense of omission, but an accented, sophisticated look is completed. Shining sun with a positive glow like the midsummer sun and sparkling moon that gives a cool impression with a sharp moon-like glow. Infused with fresh colors and brilliance for a summer look. How to use: Lightly put B's shining color on the eye hole with your finger. Lightly blur the shading color of C with a thick tip from the eyelid to the eyehole. Insert the accent color a of a with a thick tip around 1/3 of the eyes. Insert the accent color b of D lightly with a fine tip so as to spread from the center of the lower eyelid to the left and right. Pack Size - 3.4g

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