Kao - Biore House De Esthetic Deeply Adhesive Cotton Pad 24 Pcs

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Busy time will change to esthetic. Adhesive cotton pads closely. While cleaning, washing, raising children. It is hard to peel off even if it moves, therefore moisturize concentrated penetration where drying is concerned. 6 types of natural moisture ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, amino acid derivatives (betaine), Hibamata Extract, Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum, Fuyu Bodajie Flower Extract, Pullulan (Moisturizing Component). Where you are particularly concerned can be pasted on top of one another. If you use it in the morning makeup glue becomes better. You can use it other than face such as neck or decollete. 100 % natural cotton. Weak acidity, fragrance free, uncolored, alcohol free. How to use: Before use: Open the lid of the case, use after peeling off the seal on the inside. After cleansing, use after conditioning the whole face with face lotion etc. Open the pack taken out of the case, divide it into 4, and paste it on your skin. Make it as light as possible so that air does not get in between the skin and the pad and bring it into close contact. Leave the pack as it is after about 10 minutes. Do not leave it attached for a long time. After peeling off, clean as usual. Use with clean hands. In order to prevent deterioration of quality due to drying, be sure to close the container lid properly after use. Use after opening as soon as possible. After opening, store as horizontally as possible, do not tilt the container, do not carry, liquid may leak out. Pack Size - 24 pcs

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