Homeo Beau - Far-Infrared Face Sheet 10 Pcs

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This face sheet is an antibacterial mask which will be made of special material mixed with considerably infrared powder. By just adding to your usual skin care, the mask increases the penetration of beauty ingredients such as beauty essence and cream, and leads to moist skin with more transparency. In addition, it promotes perspiration, and so it also has an effect on face thinning and tightening. How to use: After cleansing, condition your skin by usual skin care process, but apply more essence and cream than your usual care. Put Homeo Beau face sheet at the location of your nose and paste outward from the center of your face. Leave as it is and relax for 10 to 20 minuntes. You can feel that your skin gently warms up in a few minutes. Take the sheet off from your face and wipe off extra cream remaining on your face or lightly rinse off. Condition your skin with usual skin care process (lotion + essence + cream, and so on).

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