Cotton Labo - Marusan Angel Cotton Pure Multi-Layer Cotton Pad With Water 2 X 20 Pcs

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A sheet pack containing Lipidure in purified water. Made from 100 % natural velvet, it's already wet. Use it as wipe off wet tissue, or patting toner, or even separate cotton's layer to use it as toner pack. Give the moisture to your skin. It can also be used as a pack for containing the lotion on hand even on the clippings of chlorine-containing tap water after cleansing. 100 % cotton used. It is a soft and gentle surface. It can be used even on the go, portable type convenient to carry. Fragrance free, color free, alcohol free, preservatives free. How to use: After cleansing, with a clean hand, open the bag from the edge of the Kurrili line and take out the sheet inside. The cotton sheet is folded in two in two sheets. Depending on the purpose of use, divide two sheets or one by one. It is convenient to use the first piece as a tap water supply and the second piece as a pack.

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