Kao - And And Treatment - 3 Types

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Uses carefully selected naturally derived aromas. Contains naturally derived aromas that reflect the feeling of comfort, analyzed based on sensitivity science. Furthermore, noting that there is a difference in the feeling of comfort required for shampoo and treatment, at the time of shampooing, at rest, at ease, satisfaction, at the time of treatment it feels vibrant, stirring, motivation is comfortable understand that It is a scent item based on the mood suitable for each scene. Quickly lathering fluffy lather and smooth limp finger-less non-silicone formulated shampoo. Shampoo that is soft to soft hair so as to be astonishing as you finger. The hair is stiff and stiff as calcium contained in tap water accumulates in the hair surface layer in daily life. Remove the calcium near the hair surface layer by washing with soft foam. The three moisturizing and hair repair ingredients (Edelweiss extract, rosemary leaf extract, apple fruit extract) make it easy for you to follow up your treatment to the end with pasa. Treatments that properly care for your hair with carefully selected materials. Natural moisturizing / hair repair ingredients (royal jelly extract, argan oil (argania spinosa core oil), grapeseed oil (blended with grape seed oil), lactic acid) give natural gloss while taking care of hair damage. It's a smooth finger and it keeps your hair moist. Pack Size - 480ml

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