Bcl - Nail Nail Cuticle Remove Oil 7Ml

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Sweet pepper remover that cleanses nails cleanly, renewed more carefully selected ingredients. The stickiness of the oil is improved, the special stick also improves to the thinness of the small turning, it becomes easier to take it more than the cuticle becomes. Organic cultivation olive oil. Selected carefully selected olive oil from organic cultivation. Cuticle Removable Complex III. Compounding ingredients power up. Carefully selected good oil for nails and blended. Avocado oil: the effect of softening the sweet peel. Camellia oil: treatment effect. Almond oil: moisturizing and protective effect. Fragrance free, alcohol free, paraben free. How to use: Coat around the nail and cuticle skin, leave it for about 1 minute until the cuticle skin becomes soft. Apply the flat surface of the round cut of the attached cuticle stick to the nail. While removing the keratin of the cuticle on the surface of the nail as if drawing a circle, it shapes the shape of cuticle. Lightly push up the cuticle with the square cut of the attached cuticle stick. Cut your skin carefully not to push too hard.

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