Isehan - Kiss Me Heroine Make Sp Volume Control Mascara - 2 Types

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The amount of liquid will change. 3 step dial. A lot of plenty as well, volume free. It is beauty volume dial mascara. Turn the dial, you can choose three natural finishes with natural, eye color up clear, quickly super dense. Curl lock all day. Instant locking ingredient formulation. Endurance prescription not sweat, water, sebum blur. Easy off with lukewarm water. Eyelash essence liquid ingredient formulation. 2 color choices: #01 Black - A deep black beautiful impressive eye. #02 Brown - With slightly reddish brown tea clear & gentle eyes. How to use: Turn the dial to match the volume of your choice. Use the eyelashes in the eyelash before using the buzzer. When the attachment to the brush becomes small, use lightly stirring the liquid attached to the wall of the container with a brush. Removing method: When removing it, blend it with warm water of about 40 for a while, and easily lose it by washing like eyelash gently picking with your finger.

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