The Saem - Le Aro Facial Oil Lemon Tea Tree 35Ml 35Ml

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Lemon Tea Tree Facial Oil that helps restore optimal skin balance for oily skin by solving the excessive sebum secretion and pulling sensation caused by skin dryness Sophisticated blend of naturally derived Lemon Tea Tree, Rosemary, Orange Aroma Essential Oils with fresh Green Citrus scent gives Aromatic care to relax your body and mind Watery Oil formula offers burdenless refreshing moisturization to oily skin while giving customized combination with other products as a Multi-usable oil to provide intensive skin care according to your skin condition and seasons How to use: - Using it alone: After facial cleansing, take a moderate amount and apply to face by rubbing lightly for heat then gently pat for better absorption. - Customized Mixing: Add 1-2 drops into other skin care products and apply to the entire face at the last step of skincare routine.

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