Chantilly - Chasty Mini Makeup Sponge Nr 30 Pcs - 2 Types

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A natural rubber mini sponge that can be applied comfortably with a soft touch that is gentle on the skin. If you use the edge of the sponge, it is a mini size that is convenient for finishing fine parts such as the eyes and nose. It can be used as a disposable sensation, and always makes up with a clean sponge. For base makeup and point makeup. How to use: For powder foundation. Use an appropriate amount of powder foundation directly on the sponge. For liquid and cream foundation. Liquid and cream foundation can be put on your skin and quickly spread with a sponge. For point use when familiarizing concealer, kneaded cosmetics, etc. Concealer and paste-like cosmetics are put on your skin and then applied with a sponge. For base makeup finish. Remove excess oil and foundation, beautiful. For base-making makeup that does not collapse easily. Gently tap the excess foundation left on the skin surface.

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