Mtg - Refa Active Fit 1 Pc

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Fit to the whole body, shed a deep pinch. Approach the muscles and condition your skin healthy. The face and body's skin is adjusted with a deep pinching movement. We will approach skin and muscles at one time, and measure mental and physical well-being. We take in light from solar panel and generate micro current. We arrange large solar panel in the center and take in light efficiently and generate weak current micro current. With micro current. It is a weak current that is considered to have a property very close to the current flowing through the human body. face & Body, size easy to use for both. It is waterproof specification and is also bus time. Unique size design that fits the complex relief of the face and body. Adjust the skin by rolling as you aim. How to use: For Face Roll from the chin to under your ears, move along the face line. It is rolling from the side of the corner to the temple. Focus on cheek line care. Decollete Roll between clavicle and chest. Let's aim for a beautiful decollete. For Leg Rolling from ankle to knee. Let's do the whole calf evenly. Pack Size - 1 pc

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