Kose - Stephen Knoll Shampoo 500Ml - 4 Types

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Non-silicone. Sulfate free. A scent of green floral musk that is both refreshing and feminine. Form & Control A shampoo that has a fine, dense, dense foam that does not squeeze hair that is wrinkled or swells, and that the hair is moist and straight. Moisture balance care ingredient is a habit and a source of swell, prevents excessive moisture absorption from the outside air, and keeps the moisture content constant. Moisture & Control A shampoo that firmly repairs hair that is subject to dry damage and leads to moist, easy-to-set hair that doesn't have dryness or tingling. It is a fine, dense, dense foam that is washed into a smooth, moist and shiny hair. Color & Control A shampoo that repairs hair damage caused by repeated hair color, prevents discoloration of the hair color, and keeps the hair color freshly dyed. It is a fine, dense, dense foam that cleans hair that is repeatedly damaged by hair color and is smooth and smooth. Volume & Control Shampoo that leads to soft hair with a light surface without giving weight to thin, soft, hard-to-volume hair. Use fine bubbles to wash your hair into smooth hair without rinsing away. How to use: After wetting the hair and scalp, pick up an appropriate amount, wash with foam, and wash out well. The head of the pump and the horizontal step are signs of the shampoo.

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