Nanacostar - Silver Shampoo 300Ml

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NANACOSTAR's SILVER SHAMPOO (Foam Type) NANACOSTAR series is designed by beauticians. This SILVER SHAMPOO is a moisturizing and repairing shampoo, especially focusing on Scalp care. Dense foam washes thoroughly while conditioning scalp and hair by supplementing necessary nutrition. Containing plenty of plant-derived essence oils and extracts, such as Sage leaf extract, Chamomile flower extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Orange peel oil, Lime oil, Indian lemon grass oil, Bergamot fruit oil, Palmarosa oil, Ylang ylang flower oil, Clove leaf oil, Coriander fruit oil, Damask rose flower oil, Roman chamomile flower oil etc., to make you relax upon shampooing. Also the shampoo contains Proteoglycan (moisturizer) and Apple Fruit Cell Culture (for defying aging), extracted from Uttwiler Sp tlauber which is well known as an apple which does not decompose for 4months. Recommended for those who Concern about drying scalp and sensitive skin. has thin hair without elasticity. Want to volumize the hair. Features Containing the new generation defying aging ingredient proteoglucan, which is drawing attention in skin care products by activating the skin cell regeneration function, for conditiong surface and softening scalp. Apple fruit cell culture extract is well blended to support healthy hair cycle. The extract helps to maintain the function of hair cells and keeps hair condition healthy. Also containing nature-derived ingredients such as lizard's tail, licorice root extract, and persimmon tannin to condition scalp environment by preventing clogged pores or smells.

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