Dhc - Elegant Nail Care Color - 11 Types

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Quick drying 60 seconds. Adhering to color and functionality, nail color for adults. It is a nail color that directs age-old fingertips beautifully neatly by painting. Not only coloring the nails, but also having the necessary care elements for beautiful nails is a great place of DHC Elegant Nail Care Color. With this one, it provides three elegant functions: elegant color that makes skin look beautiful, moisturizing to protect nails from drying that leads to fragility, reinforcement to support fingertips that are often overworked. Besides, happy for a busy adult woman quick-drying type. Let's give care and coloring to your fingertips as easily as you do skin care and make-up. How to use: Wash your hands clean, wipe off the oil content of the nails and start painting. It is a habit to squeeze lightly while spreading brush in the mouth of the bottle, and pain it all at once from the base of the nail towards your fingertips. Once you paint the top coat every two or three days, it lasts longer. if you want to keep a standard finish, top & basecoat, if you want plus glamor and depth, if you enjoy a rime top coat, a gel-like plump feeling and gloss feeling, a gloss top coat is recommended. Pack Size - 12ml

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