Acro - Fiveism X Three Eyeshadow Transformer - 10 Types

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Cream eye shadow that changes the impression of the eyes. Eye shadow that realizes a deep and impressive eye by enhancing shadow and depth. For eyes that feel the strength. Brings a three-dimensional effect to the eyes with natural colors, such as colors that brighten the eyes and colors that emphasize the shadows and show the carvings deeply. Smooth surface with good elongation. Employs an oil wax gel with a high degree of close contact with the skin. It is difficult to twist for a long time and the color does not spread easily around the eyes. Contains plant-derived ingredients selected for the skin, vegetable oil, and skincare effects. At the end of the day, remove makeup, sebum and other dirt with a make-up remove bar before washing your face. Show your eyes substantially more prominently. Show your eyes on the deeply carved eyes. Camouflage the swelling of the eyes. How to use: Take the eye shade transformer on the ring finger. Use your ring finger to spread from eye to eye corner to the entire eye hole. Blur the border with your fingers.

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