Holika Holika - Instantly Brewing Tea Bag Mask (4 Types) Lavender

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Enjoy delicate skin care with fresh, clean essence instantly brewed from tea bag Formulated with EWG-certified green grade ingredients only - Hibiscus: Enriched with Anthocyanin and Vitamin C for Firming care - Chamomile: Bisabolol content helps purify skin for clear express - Green Tea: Enriched with Catechin for soothing care - Lavender: Polyphenol content helps boost skin vitality while cozy lavender scent offers relaxing tea therapy 100 % naturally derived Nude Fit sheet with high air permeability offers comfortable perfect fit on skin and promotes delivery of active ingredients deep into skin Zipper bag pouch design provides convenient brewing of tea bag mask How to use: 1. Take out the tea bag inside the Pouch #1. 2. Put the tea bag into the zipper bag #2 with mask sheet and close well. 3. Gently rub the tea bag with the mask sheet inside the zipper bag for 1min to let the active ingredients fully and evenly permeate into the mask. 4. Take out the well-brewed mask and place it onto your face. 5. After 15mins, remove the mask sheet and gently dap the remaining essence on the face for better absorption.

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