Herbs - De-Glucose Tea 60 Tea Bags

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De-glucose Tea is formed from 100 % natural plant. It is mainly composed of Ganoderma, bitter melon and guava leaves. It can help to boost health, relive thirstiness and reduce tiredness. De-glucose tea contains Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide which can stabilize our blood glucose level, promote glucose consumption, regulate real human body metabolism and boost one s cardiovascular health. Function: Relive thirstiness and reduce tiredness Help stabilize our blood glucose level Speed up decomposition and consumption process of glucose intake Refreshing, boost energy level Suitable For: Those who concerned with cardiovascular health Those who lack in physical exercise Those who always consume amyloid (e.g: rice, noodle, bread) Those who always consume rhizome (e.g: potato) Dosage: Pour bolied water with tea bags and allow brewing for 3 miinutes Recommended to drink it twice daily, serve after meal

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