H&B Lab - Botanical Marche Hot Cleansing Gel 200G - 2 Types

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Normal 14 kinds of carefully selected botanical extracts (moisturizing ingredients) are blended in a unique balance. Warm cleansing made of over 90 % natural ingredients. You don't need to wash your face again and it might end up being used with wet hands such as bath. While a thick warm gel warms pores and gently wash makeup and horn plugs. Drop firmly. sweet and Warm, blended with lemongrass and lavender to feel the skin slip. The scent of essential oils creates a healing cleansing time. Enrich A warming cleansing that contains a retinol derivative that approaches aging care. A new fragrance blended with ylang ylang and lavender essential oils to create a sweet and elegant scent. No need for double face washing, suitable for both wet hands and pinek(When using cyanoacrylate glue). With over 90 % naturally derived ingredients, this item is aimed at washing up as if cleansing with a serum. It is a smooth, smooth gel that is well-familiar with makeup and leads to moist and firm skin. How to use: Take an appropriate amount (one muscat) and soften it with the palms of both hands. Blend with makeup while drawing a circle like a massage. When makeup is lifted, wash out thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. If you wet your hands and apply to the entire face before washing, it will be easier to wash away. Pack Size - 200g

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