Naturelab - Maro Facial Cleanser 150Ml - 3 Types

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A foam-type medicated acne-preventing cleanser that gently cleans the pores with collagen whip. Adsorbs sebum and pore dirt with 100 % plant-friendly cleansing ingredients that are gentle on the skin. Active ingredients kill acne bacteria and prevent inflammation. Use of soap type active agent and amino acid type active agent. Vitamin C (d- -tocopherol), medicinal ingredients (isopropyl methyl phenol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate). Petroleum surfactant free, paraben free, synthetic coloring free, alcohol free, mineral oil free. Incense type. A foam wash with collagen (succinyl atelocollagen) to protect skin moisturizing. How to use: When you press the pump, the cleanser comes out in bubbles. Wet the face, pick an appropriate amount (about 2 pumps) and wash the face as it is. Apply bubbles to your beard and shave. Then rinse thoroughly. Push the pump slowly. There is a thing which is hard to become a bubble when pushing early. Use the container without shaking or tilting. Pack Size - 150ml

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