Kaminomoto - Hairie Repairy Oil 60Ml

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Oil extracted from avocado, which is said to be forest butter. There is a peculiar feeling of airy, hair and hands are not sticky, there is a surprising smooth feeling. High moisturizing properties, it will moisturize hair and prevent scalp drying. It also has heat-resistant properties and protects against damage from sunlight. The fragrance is a floral note of suzura and freesia that wraps the gentle sweetness of pear and green apple. The scent of transparent flowers gradually spreads and the scent changes into a warm woody musk. How to use: As a hair treatment that does not wash away after bathing. Since it is a non-sticky smooth oil, you do not need to wash hands after use. The oil remaining in the hand can be used as a hand oil. After washing the towel, dry it with a hair dryer after applying a small amount (semi-long, 6 drops) to the palm of your hand. If you use dry hair after the hair dryer once more, the tip of the tip will be used to help improve the gloss. Adjust the amount used according to the length, quantity and quality of the hair. When using for finishing styling, stretch the appropriate amount to the palm and apply it to the hair tip.

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