Mtg - Refa S Carat Microcurrent Massage Roller 1 Pc

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precise and Gentle kneading helps refresh and rejuvenate the radiant expressiveness of your facial beauty. With eye-catching platinum brilliance and slender lines crowned by multiangular rollers for 360-degree coverage. It is fashioned to fit the subtle undulations of your face's contours. These compact rollers are specially designed to replicate the gentle Point Kneading fingertip action which helps tighten and rejuvenate the skin that tends to slacken around the areas of the eyes and lips. ReFa S Carat is a professional method gently pinch at the fingertips. Reproduce the movement of point kneading. By gently and carefully carefully pointing out small points such as eyes, mouth. It awakens a soft and rich expression. Compact design tailored to point care. Special shape rollers create multiple pressed spots. It gently tightens the skin of a delicate woman. It does not express the efficacy of the effect on the human body. Even aesthetic is very popular microcurrent. ReFa captures light from a solar panel. Weak current microcurrent occurs. It is touching delicate skin, adopt platinum coat on the surface of the roller. A beautiful sparkle lasts long. How to use: Eye care: Rolling so as to draw a semicircle from under the eyes. Throw and squeeze around the eyes comfortably. Rolling gently and intensively under the eyes. To the vibrant and bright eyes. Rolling wiggly between tempura and temple. To the eyes with a firmness where a smile matches. Face care: crawling and Rolling along laws and ordinances. Turn lightly, slowly and carefully. Rolling in small ways to raise the angle of the mouth. Aware of the mouth of a good impression that came up steadily. Rolling lightly from eyebrows to the hairline. With an image like putting out the spring on the forehead.

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