Country & Stream - Orange Facial Peeling Cleanser 180Ml

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Easy peeling that only lightly spreads on the skin. The extra old keratin and sebum can be entwined with keratin, giving you a translucent smooth skin. Turn off dead skin cells: Removes dead skin cells that cause dullness and rough skin, and leads to bright and transparent skin. gentle and Easy: Simply spread it lightly on the skin, and the dirt sensor polymer entangles only sebum and keratin unnecessary for the skin and solidifies. Moisture protection and/or care: Orange fruit extract, peach leaf extract, kiwi extract, chamomile flower extract, acerola extract, bilberry leaf extract Contains 6 types of vegetable moisture ingredients. We protect necessary moisture and care. Supports skin clarity: Arbutin, barley extract, and soybean extract (moisturizing ingredient) support transparent skin. Double effect with peeling leads to one-tone bright skin. Contains AHA (malic acid). Softens keratin and helps peeling. 100 % organic fragrance: 100 % organic orange oil. Wrapped in a refreshing, natural scent. No coloring, no mineral oil, ethanol free, paraben free.

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