&Be - Barrier Oil 60Ml 60Ml

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Guggish skin is also moist and soft. This moisturizing oil protects the skin from the dry damage produced by Yusuke Kawakita. Supports skin barrier function and leads to fresh soft skin. Emollient & Protect Care is completed with one product that can be used throughout the body, for both the face, body and hair. An oil film with a high wrapping effect that closely adheres to the skin acts as a protective barrier, blocking the skin and hair from dryness and external stimuli. Gives a soft, moist and full-bodied Hari Tsuyya skin and shiny hair. It protects skin that is healthy with moisturizing ingredients that support skin conditioning and skin barrier functions that prevent rough skin. Natural and refreshing herbal orange scent based on natural orange and lavender. Surfactants, mineral oil, silicone, ethanol, parabens, synthetic coloring agents, synthetic fragrances not used. Patch test, allergy tested. How to use: Take an appropriate amount and apply gently to the skin. You can use it in the morning and evening in the face and body. It can also be used on dry hair as an oil treatment.

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