Kuramoto Bijin - Fermented White Rice Sake Face Wash 100G

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It focuses on the whitening power of sake cake, it is an all-in-one type beauty facial cleanser developed as a multifunctional facial cleanser with high skin care effect. Made five functions of facial cleanser, horny care, moisturizing, packing and brightening one. dense and Creamy lather gently removes dirt on the skin and old horny skin, moisturizing the skin after cleansing. It is wrapped in a pleasant aroma of aromatic blend, and it can do skin care and aging care while washing the face. Fine, plentiful foam, foam further standing with foam soap net use. How to use: Wash your face lightly with warm water in advance. Take this product about 1 cm in the palm of the hand, whisk well with lukewarm water. Massage gently to wash the foam and wash it. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water too. You can wash your face with more creamy bubbles by using a lather net.

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