Herbs - Umeya Cha Plum (Upgraded) 12Pcs

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Umeya Cha Plum - Upgraded Version helps to increase the rate of metabolism and frequency of defecation. One piece per day can improve regular bowel movements, detoxification and having a healthy life with good stool. Function: Helps softening feces, promoting metabolism, easing bowel movement and constipation Helps in treating diarrhea and solves intestinal problems Helps getting rid of smelly breath and body odor Eliminate unwanted toxin, prevent acne and promotes brighter skin condition Suitable User: People who alarm bowel health and have constipation problem Dosage: For first trial, eat 1 pc one hour before sleeping Afterwards, eat 1 pc before meal Max. 2 pcs per day Warnings: The plum contains kernal(stone). Do not swallow it. Not recommended for children, pregnant, and people with long term illness. You must consult your doctor if you have any problems. This product is made of natural ingredients, the color and size amy be different due to picking season of the plum. This product is not a meal replacement. Keep out of reach of children. The surface of Cha Plum is covered with inulin, which will be dissolved over time, leaving it with a smoother appearance

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