Stella Seed - Plump Pink Melty Lip Serum 101 Coral Gypsy

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Dense moisturizing effect. Essential liquid ingredients Maxi lip & raw collagen formulation makes lip gloss high effect that can also treat lips while making makeup. It is not sticky with natural gloss and coloring, a natural shiny feeling lasts for a quite a while, and plump lip. maxi lip & Raw collagen & hyaluronic acid combination. One role plans for six roles. Maxi lip with high treatment effect & raw collagen & hyaluron Acid mixed. With this one, the lip base, the vertical cover, the volume up, the moisturizing pack, the sense of rise in color, the beauty essence up to OK. The high function lip combining the effect of the essence liquid though it is a plump. Lip care while making make-up with moisturizing essence liquid ingredient formulation. Lip of plenty of essence ingredients. Melt at the temperature of the lip with a balmy surface which is familiar to the lips well and sticking closely. Moist moisturizing lips that have a tendency to dry easily and dry. It is a gloss lip which can make a pure slip feeling lip without stringing and sticky natural glossy lips. How to use: Apply the chip to the center of the lips and stretch them to the left and right.

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