Pdc - Pmel Perfect Tear Magic - 2 Types

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Easy 2 in 1 product. Use this single eye shadow to highlight the eye bags and to get pure, pretty, loveable eyes. Shadowing Powder and Glittering Liner both in one product. Get natural-looking plump eye bags easily with this single product. The cream-type glittering eye liner avoids powder scattering and its waterproof property makes sure it stays on firmly till the end of the day. If you get an authentic-looking shadow using the shadowing powder, you can have naturally plump eyes by subtly highlighting the eye bags. How to use: Step 1: Glittering eye liner for plump eye bags. Trace the shape of the eye bag by applying the liner roughly 3 to 5 mm below the eyes to emphasize the plump. To make it look more natural, brush gently and smudge slightly with your finger. The stick may break if pulled out too much. Make sure to not expose more than 2 mm of the stick. Step 2: Make a shadow on the eye bag using shadowing powder. Use the tip to follow the shape below the eye bag that you made earlier using the glittering liner.

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