Love Renaissance - Arouse Creamy Foundation - 3 Types

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Want coverage, but I'm not good at being heavy and thick. It is this Creamy Foundation that I would recommend it to anyone with such a problem. Wipe out the image of the conventional cream foundation and realize lightness covering power moisturizing power at the same time. Base serum fission yeast serum 20 kinds of natural amino acid components. It is a creamy essence foundation that enables concealer level coverage while skin care. Realize light feeling of use like bare skin and moist skin with less oiliness. Since it is hard to crumble and also resistant to sweat, you can use it throughout the all season as well as fall and winter. How to use: Take out the appropriate amount on the back of your hand. Put on 5 places (both cheeks, forehead, chin, nose) of the face. First, gently spread on your skin gently with your fingertips. In addition, it will be extended to apply to your skin with a dedicated watery puff with exclusive puff. Use the corners of the puff to dab the details, such as under the eyes and at the side of the nose. Penetrates the skin immediately because the essence is the main ingredient, extend it quickly. If you gently apply skin care sense, you can stretch it quickly and beautifully. Pack Size - 30g

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