Emajiny - Hair Kolor Art G Avant Grade - 6 Types

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Pack Size - 36g Hair Kolor Art series is an instant hair color wax which can be removed by shampooing easily. You can change your hair color with this HAIR KOLOR ART wax instantly for Festivals, Parties, Events, Halloween etc. E73 Emajiny Red Emajiny's hottest color with full of enagy. Recommended those who needs energetic coloring. M25 Mysterious Blue Cool and vivid color which invites to the extraordinary world. S46 Sax Gold A standard color of HAIR KOLOR ART. Thick and bright color resembles the tone of alto sax. 74A Silver Arrow Full of a sense of speed, reminiscent of the speed of the arrow. The color silver is designed like giving frosty impression which aparts from the other colors. T27 Terra Cotta Brown A casual brown which can get into the usual life. Recommended for those who don't need too much loud color, but have a sense of fun to be stylish. 68A Milk Tea Ash Color reminiscent of Milk Tea, with the nuance like boucing brightly and lightly. Applying whole hair fashionably gives soft impression, and applilng partial hair also looks chic.

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