Pax Naturon - Suhada Recipe Argano Soap 80G

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Contains Argan oil (Arganian spinosa kernel oil), soft foam and smooth skin. It is a functional organic cosmetic made from 100 % natural ingredients that works well on dull skin (due to dirt and old skin). food-derived ingredients - Uses food-derived ingredients such as pomegranate fruit extract and Citrus unshiu peel extract (moisturizing). For sensitive skin. Organic: Realized 10 additive-free. 100 % natural ingredients. 80 % of plant materials are organic materials. Aging care - Focuses on the concerns of age skin such as dryness and dullness. Makes the skin even and clear. Acquisition of skin feeling data: Conducted skin monitor test. Data on skin is confirmed numerically. Contains moisturizing beauty ingredients argan oil (argania spinosa kernel oil), ceramide (glucosylceramide), hyaluronic acid (Na hyaluronic acid), akebi placenta extract (akebi extract). Facial soap (softened with a frame) that gently cleans your skin with soft and soft foam. Scent of natural neroli (Orange flower). Patch-tested (It doesn't mean that every one of the people don't have skin irritation, irritation, or allergies.) How to use: Use soap to lather well and wash your face.

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