Dhc - Light & Smooth Shampoo Ex Refill 400Ml

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A shampoo that directly compensates for lost ingredients in hair and leads to a smooth and supple hair. Which has been cleaned with wonderful, rich bubbles and made nano, quickly adsorbs and penetrates into damage holes. Moisturizes the core of the hair to prevent the damage from progressing and makes the hair look healthy. In addition to the three herbal extracts of rosemary, roman chamomile, and lemongrass, plant-derived camelina oil and plakashi oil are added. Gently wash your hair and achieve a smooth fingering. Enjoy the fruity floral fragrance that spreads throughout your hair, with a luxurious blend of fresh fruit and flowers. How to use: Thoroughly moisturize the hair, lather the appropriate amount with the palm of your hand. Spread it throughout the hair, and wash it carefully. Then rinse thoroughly.

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