Kao - Biore Makeup Remover Gel 170G

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Firmly layered base makeup falls without rubbing from the back of the pores. Proprietary technology: soft Melty recipe that melts and spreads quickly. Even without rubbing, only with a light power stroke. Makeup will melt away from the back of the pores. Every day neat, reset to the skin. You can remove waterproof mascara. Moisturizing component 58 % blending. Protect the moisture of the skin. Even if your hands and face are wet, you can use it. No need to wash after rinsing. Feeling the faint smell of white floral feeling. How to use: Apply suitable amount (about 3cm in diameter) with makeup, then rinse thoroughly. When removing hard to fall eye makeup, gently adapt so that gel gently fits to the eyelashes and other details. When it runs low, turn it and remove it, you can use it without waste until the end.

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