Asty - Momo Uru Hada Face Powder Wash Weekly Trial 1G X 7

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Protease drops unnecessary dirt firmly on the skin, moisturizes, leads to fluffy peach skin. The stabilized enzyme is activated at the time of facial cleansing and exerts the function of the original enzyme. Darkening / dullness of the skin (old surface skin layer). For dry skin. Fine dense foam. Moisturizing component: peach leaf extract, rosehip oil blending. Fragrant peach scent 7 times. How to use: Cleansing method: Take one dose (1 capsule) in the palm of your hand, wash enough with a small amount of water or lukewarm water. Wash it thoroughly afterwards. Pore pack: After cleansing, make a bubble of ping-pong ball size and put it on your nose, rinse after 30 seconds.

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