Shiseido - Ma Cherie Conditioner Ex Refill 380Ml - 2 Types

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Air Feel: A refreshing conditioner refill that realizes smooth, varnished shiny hair. Densely packed pearl honey jelly DX with pearl and honey, etc. repaired from weakened hair inside, realizing glossy hair. Make it moist and keep finished hair. Smoky cut fragrance formulation. Sweet and refreshing floral fruity scent. Moisture: To moist glossy hair that moistens smoothly. Conditioner (for refill) that guarantees hair to glossy and at the same time repairs one piece and leads to a manageable condition. Dense pearl Honey Jure DX formulation. It also repairs damage hair from the inside, and it gets moistly gathered hair. Enchanting sweet and refreshing scent of floral fruity. Pack Size - 380ml

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