Kose - Astablanc W Lift Lotion - 3 Types

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In addition to elasticity and whitening effect, it gives elasticity care that pushes back. Evolved astaxanthin CPX for multi-faceted aging care. Adopts Skin familiar technology that penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum with a fresh touch. astaxanthin and Other ingredients confined in ultra-fine capsules are delivered quickly and deeply to the desired location. Moisture spreads around, gives a firm tension, and gives you elasticity to push it back. Makes wrinkles due to dryness in the eyes and mouth inconspicuous, and makes skin that is dull with the shadows of the skin that come out of surface disorder become bright and transparent. Contains whitening active ingredients. Suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles. A gentle scent of marine green floral that uses natural fragrance bergamot to bring a sense of relaxation. Pack Size - 130ml

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