Addiction - Film Mascara Long & Separate 01 Black River

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long and Delicate finish while separating eyelashes one by one. Mascara that is strong against sweat and sebum, but can be easily turned off with hot water. A mascara with a beautiful and delicate finish that matches the eye of AYAKO. With a stiff brush that easily lifts the eyelashes from the root, and a mascara solution that contains uneven fibers. Tightly stick to the eyelashes to get curl and length. In addition, ingredients that dry quickly are also included. Smoothly, thinning to the tip while separating one by one. Finished in a uniform and beautiful eyelash, curling lasts. It does not bleed easily with sweat or water, and can be easily removed with hot water, so it does not strain the eyelashes. Contains moisturizing ingredient centifolia rose flower extract. Unscented.

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