House Of Rose - Treatment Hand Pack Gloves 1 Set

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A glove-type pack that wraps hand skin with a moisturized essence, intensively penetrates into the corners of the stratum corneum, and leads to hands with clean surface. Petticois Cactus Extract (Opun Tea Fix Indica Stem Extract), Hydrolyzed Acacia Macostusca Seed Extract, Water Soluble Collagen (Moisturizing Component) Ingredients, puffy and Fresh Hand Skin. How to use: After hand wash, use clean hands. Remove the pack from the bag and carefully cut it along the central perforation. Expanding the entrance of the pack and purchase it. Adjust around by adjusting the wrist around with the attached tape. Familiarize it well from the wrist side to the fingertip. Remove the pack after 10-15 minutes, let it blush the essence remaining on your hands well.

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