Japan Gals - White Essence Mask 30 Pcs

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Approximately one month worth of skin care every day. Active ingredients of W (water soluble placenta extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate) combined. Suppress generation of spot stains with whitening active ingredients. To everyday care and transparent skin . High permeation with mask. Mask with plenty of whitening beauty serum comes into close contact with the entire face, whitening care firmly penetrates into the stratum corneum. Whitening: suppress the formation of melanin, prevent spots / freckles. How to use: After facial cleansing, put the mask on your skin. Adjust according to the outline of the eyes so that the folded part of the mask does not get into the eyes. When care on the eyelids, be sure to close your eyes. Relaxing time as it is 5 to 10 minutes. Follow with normal skincare after treatment.

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